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For more than forty years Confezioni Andrea Group has produced transport and aesthetic coversfor the world’s major auto, motorcycle, and aircraft manufacturers, by working closely with their R&D and Transportation Departments.

It has been a story of passion, ideas, and continuing evolution into what today has become a brand synonymous with quality, one which cooperates with the top brands of the automotive world.

Each product is the result of a need to preserve, protect, amaze, and fascinate as the vehicles are transported on land, in the air, or over water.

The passion, expertise, and attention to detail, have made Confezioni Andrea Group the undisputed leader in an increasingly demanding market. They are the official partner of automotive, motorcycle and aircraft manufacturers who need products that are on time and defect free.

Only constant research, innovative development of materials, the best design, and a perfect fit, can create a product that meets the industry’s highest standards of excellence.

This has recently led the group to become part of the Elite program of Borsa Italiana that values companies with the ability to create innovative products and future development.

The same quality is reflected in the Group’s brands and products dedicated to the consumer: Covercar – indoor and outdoor car covers Qubike – indoor and outdoor motorcyclecovers, Campvancover – covers and protections for recreational vehicles

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